TOP PHOTO: Campbell High Student-Athletes Nate Walden (left) and Devon Jones were guest readers at Friday’s Valley View Elementary School reading event.

“Once Upon a Friday” at Valley View Elementary School, there were three wonderful educators who promoted reading, and they are (left to right) April Paul, Lorena Chambers and Rita Wilhoit.

By Charlotte Underwood

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Valley View Elementary School held a special reading event called “Once Upon a Friday.” Community leaders from around the county gathered at the school to read aloud to children in all class rooms. Campbell County High School student-athletes participated in the reading event as well. The school also hosted special guest children’s author George Bove, who came to read his book “The Little Orange T.”  

All week, last week, Valley View promoted reading with incentives and accelerated reader awards with Friday as the culmination. Students and teachers alike dressed as their favorite book characters and had a chance to talk about their characters. 

Campbell County Commissioner Robert Higginbotham, who attended Valley View Elementary School, was among those reading during “Once Upon a Friday.”

“Nothing makes my heart happier than to see books in the hands of our Bobcats,” said reading teacher April Paul Napier.

“We just want to give our students all the opportunities we can, and reading is a big part of that,” said Valley View Elementary School Principal Jason Dotson.

Children’s author George Bove came to Valley View Elementary School on Friday to read his book “The Little Orange T.”

It was also recently announced that the school, in conjunction with the PTO, is getting a Reading Bookworm vending machine. The PTO and Schools general fund will pay for this addition. Karen Hendricks brought the idea to the table and the principal and PTO administration supported it. The vending machine is a reading incentive that operates on “tokens” rather than money. Students can earn tokens through positive action.

“We have lots of exciting things going on at Valley View,” said school board member Jeffrey Miller. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 03/07/2022-6AM)