By Charlotte Underwood

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Teachers make a difference in their students lives each and every day. For many students, having a teacher, counselor or principal who cares and goes that extra mile can be the difference in a successful education and graduation.

We’ve all had that educator who has inspired us or helped in some way. That’s why WLAF and Eagle Tire Pros salute all of our hard working educators with a weekly feature. This week’s featured educator is Linda Prim.

Linda Prim is Eagle Tire Pros and WLAF’s Educator of the week.

She is the school counselor at LaFollette Middle School. Prim has served in the Campbell County School System for over 30 years. She spent seven years as a classroom teacher and the last 23 as a counselor at LaFollette Middle.

Prim grew up in LaFollette. She attended East LaFollette Elementary School, LaFollette Jr. High and Campbell County High School. She then earned her Bachelor’s and Masters degree from Lincoln Memorial University. She is married to Jason Prim and together they have one son, Andrew.

According to Prim it was both her father and teachers she had over the years that inspired her own path in education. 

Her father served as an educator in Campbell County schools for 31 years and Prim said she had “always been around educators.”

“My teachers are my inspiration for choosing education as a career. During my senior year in high school my mother passed away unexpectedly. My teachers supported me through an exceedingly tough time in my life and I will always be grateful for their love, care, and compassion,” Prim said. 

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 It was soon after that when Prim decided to become an educator. 

“All my teachers throughout my school years had such a positive impact on my life but there are those who have continued to impact me even today. They include Mary Ollie Andrews, Anne Dubose, Carolyn Cox, and the late Nancy Rogers Leach,” Prim said.

 According to Prim, her favorite part of her job as a school counselor is being with the students and staff at LaFollette Middle School. 

“Building relationships is so important and LaFollette Middle School does an excellent job of that. I am proud to work with such a wonderful group of people,” Prim said.

 Some activities she enjoys the most include Adulting 101 which is a career simulation game for 8th graders.  Another activity is Kindness Week where the school focuses on the importance of being kind.  

“During this week we write notes or affirmations to people in our building – from teachers to custodial staff to principals and cafeteria staff. Students take time to write a note of appreciation to anyone they want. These notes leave a lasting effect on the recipient. Through these many activities is where I find the most joy in my job because of the positive impact they have on our student body and staff. A smile on a child’s face is what keeps me going. I have received many notes from students over the years. Those kind words warm my heart,” Prim said.

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