TOP PHOTO: Rotarian Terry Bray gave a presentation on Rotary International at Tuesday’s South Campbell County Rotary Club meeting.

By Charlotte Underwood

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – South Campbell County Rotarians welcomed Teresa Hofstatter as a new Rotary Club member on Tuesday. She is representing Citizens Bank.  Hofstatter will be replacing Jan Ayers who is stepping down from Rotary as she is retiring from Citizens Bank after more than 34 years in the banking industry. There will be a retirement celebration for Ayers on February 25 from 2 to 4 p.m. at Citizens Bank. 

Teresa Hofstatter, right, was welcomed into the South Campbell County Rotary Club on Tuesday. She replaces Jan Ayers, center, who is retiring from Citizens Bank. South Campbell County Rotary Club president Rayma Daugherty, left, welcomed Hofstatter and thanked Ayers for her service at Tuesday’s meeting.

“Thank you for your membership and commitment to Rotary and the community,” South Campbell County Rotary Club president Rayma Daugherty said to Ayers. 

She also welcomed Hofstatter to Rotary before her pinning ceremony. 

“We believe joining Rotary is one of those life altering moments,” Daugherty said.

Afterwards, Rotarian Terry Bray was the guest speaker at the meeting. Bray spoke about Rotary International, giving updates on programs and goals such as Rotary’s commitment to end Polio and to also support clean drinking water for developing countries. 

He reported that “for all intents and purposes, Polio has been eradicated throughout the world.” The remaining cases of Polio are concentrated in the Middle East.

“Rotary International also provides educational programs and scholarships so education can be an opportunity for everyone,” Bray said. 

Rotary is celebrating 117 years this year, according to Bray who said the club has grown from a few local businessmen in Chicago wanting to help their community, to 1.2 million members across the globe.

The local Rotary Club supports Rotary International through grants and donations to it’s various programs as well as participating in initiatives locally. 

“Thank you for your continued support of Rotary International; thank you for being the hope for the future,” Bray said. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/16/2022-6AM)