LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Late Monday morning, a vehicle seen swerving and crossing the white fog line and yellow center line by a La Follette Police Officer ended up being pulled over. LPD Officer Anthony Mahar began attempting to make the traffic stop on North Indiana Avenue.

Behind the wheel of the vehicle was Jessica Morgan according to Officer Mahar’s narrative, and she had two passengers; Casey LeMarr and James Truitt. As Morgan made a right turn from Indiana onto East Forest Avenue, the officer noticed someone from the back seat move up into the passenger front seat while the vehicle hung a left on North 4th Street and then pulled into a driveway at the corner of 4th and East Mountain Road.

Officer Mahar recognized James Truitt as he jumped out of the passenger side of the vehicle taking off on foot. The officer commanded Truitt to stop and show his hands though Truitt fell, looked back and continued to run. Mahar chose to stay with Morgan, 32, of Long Hollow Road-La Follette, and LeMarr.

LeMarr, 31, of South Sudenny Road-La Follette, followed the officer’s command of exiting the vehicle, walking to Mahar and laying on the ground. Morgan was told to get out of the vehicle from the driver side and walk back to Officer Mahar. Both suspects were then handcuffed.

Before Morgan was given a field sobriety test, she told the officer she had hurt her left foot and her eyes were swollen from allergies after he asked her if she had any medical conditions. Officer Mahar determined that Morgan performed poorly on the test.

Morgan was asked when was the last time she used meth, and she told Mahar that she does not use meth. She allegedly said that she used heroin earlier in the day.

Officer Mahar asked LeMarr if he had anything on him, and he allegedly said he was not sure. The officer found a red container in LeMarr’s right jacket pocket that had a small clear baggy in it containing a white crystal like substance based on the police report.

As Mahar inventoried the vehicle prior towing, he discovered another small clear baggy. It was in the driver door and contained a brown powder substance.

LeMarr and Morgan were placed under arrest and taken to the Campbell County Jail at Jacksboro. LeMarr was charged with felony possession, and Morgan is facing felony possession and her 3rd DUI (driving under the influence).

Both LeMarr and Morgan are housed in the county jail with no bond and will appear in court on Thursday. According to jail records, LeMarr has been arrested 21 times while this was Morgan’s 44th arrest. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/16/2022-6AM)