Publisher’s Note: This information was current as of 3 pm Friday. Anyone qualifying or picking after that time will be included next week.

JACKSBORO, TN. (WLAF)- In the first week of petitions being available for the 2022 elections, 49 petitions were picked up at the local election commission with another five picked up in other counties that are tied to the local races.

“We were very busy at the beginning of the week, but it slowed down towards the end of the week,” said Mallory Rosenfeld, Campbell County administrator of elections.

Candidates began picking up their qualifying petitions on Monday and have until April 7 to return them in order to seek office.

 Eighth Judicial District Criminal Court Judge

Thomas Jackson Tabor, Jr.

Zach Walden

Graham E. Wilson

Eighth Judicial District Chancellor

Elizabeth Asbury*

Eighth Judicial District Circuit Court Judge

David H. Dunaway

John D. McAfee

Eighth Judicial District Public Defender

Leif Jeffers

Eighth Judicial District Attorney General

Jared Effler

Campbell County General Sessions Judge

Kristie Anderson

William Curtis Jones

Amanda H. Sammons

Campbell County Mayor

Robert L. Higginbotham

Jack A. Lynch

E. L. Morton

Campbell County Sheriff

Eddie Wayne Barton

Robbie Goins

Jami L. Hall

Circuit Court Clerk

Bobby Vann*

Campbell County Trustee

Monty Bullock

Paul S. Pierce

Campbell County Clerk

Alene Baird

Campbell County Register of Deeds

Brittany Miller Foust*

June Turner

First District County Commission

Alfonso Alvarez

Dewayne H. Gibson

Zachary T. Marlow

Timothy L. Richardson

Second District County Commission

Beverly Hall

Dewayne L. Kitts

Scott “Scotty” Kitts*

Clifford E. Kohlmeyer

Third District County Commission

Dewayne Thomas Baird

Brent David Blankenship

William H. Irwin

Rusty Orick

Scott Stanfield

Fourth District County Commission

Charles “Goat” Baird*

Johnny “Coach” Bruce*

Sue Nance*

Fifth District County Commission

Ralph Davis

Tyler L. King

Ethel P. Roberts

First District School Board

Jeffery Miller*

Second District School Board

Sharon L. Ridenour

Marvin T. Rutherford

Third District School Board

Cody Parker

Fourth District School Board

Ronnie Lasley*

Fifth District School Board

Crystal McNealy Creekmore

First District Constable

Barney E. Cox

Kenneth Newsome

Third District Constable

Terry L. Gross

Johnny E. Jones*

Fourth District Constable

Dewey W. Madison

Fifth District Constable

Gary A. Jeffers

State House of Representatives

Dennis Powers

*Denotes the candidate has returned their petition and has qualified to seek office.

Candidates will have until Thurs., April 7 at noon to qualify for the election and until noon on April 14 to withdraw from the race.

On April 7 at 7 pm, WLAF will host its 2022 Candidate Forum at West LaFollette School. During the course of the evening, candidates for county offices will debate the issues of the election. Due to the number of offices on the ballot, other offices will be provided a questionnaire that will be published on WLAF at a later date.

Other dates for the election include:

-Voter registration deadline is Tues., July 5

-Early voting is Fri., July 15 through Sat., July 30

– Absentee ballot request deadline is Thurs., July 28

– Election Day is Thurs., Aug. 4