PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The following release was submitted to WLAF by the candidate. It has not been edited for brevity or format.


JACKSBORO, TN (SPECIAL TO WLAF) – Today I am honored to announce my candidacy for the Office of the General Sessions Judge for Campbell County.

Kristie Anderson

I am proud to call Campbell County my hometown.  I was born and raised in Campbell County.  My father, the late William “Sergeant” Anderson was the military recruiter for the Army National Guard for over twenty years in our county and after retiring from the military he worked as a court officer with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department until his death in 2010.  My mother, Vivian Myers Loudy, is a registered nurse, and until her recent retirement, spent the majority of her life and career as an Emergency Room Nurse in our county. 

I graduated from Campbell County Comprehensive High School in1992.  I graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1996 and graduated from Cumberland School of Law in 2001.  After law school, I began a fight for the greater good of our county and all my neighbors.  Twenty years later, I am still proudly serving this county that has always been, and always will be my home. 

The General Sessions Court is involved with all aspects of life and its jurisdiction extends to matters which involve every single person in Campbell County, from the youngest infant to the most elderly senior citizen. 

It is more than just a criminal court.  The General Sessions Court serves as a gatekeeper of sorts in criminal matters, sending the cases of those accused of serious crimes on to Criminal Court and ensuring fair justice for those accused of misdemeanors.  It is in the juvenile and the civil courts that the most important work of a General Sessions Judge is carried out.  It is the Judge’s responsibility in those two courts to ensure that children are kept safe, to afford broken families the opportunity to heal and to protect the rights of every Campbell County citizen and ensure fair and equal justice. 

As a lawyer in Campbell County, I have handled every type of case that falls on the General Sessions Court docket – from serious criminal matters to equally serious civil cases, from domestic disputes to issues involving children.  This experience of decades gives me a specific qualification and preparedness needed by the General Sessions Court Judge.  I believe that my experience has given me a great understanding of the issues which come before the General Sessions Court on a daily basis and has given me a familiarity with the people who bring their issues, needs and concerns to the Court.

The General Sessions Court needs a judge who suits up to work hard every day; one who knows and follows the law; one who actually knows and cares about the people of Campbell County.

The General Sessions Court needs change.  Our county cannot afford to have our officers spending too much time sitting in Court waiting on a case to be heard.  They are needed in so many other places in our county.  Agencies should not have to choose whether they are going to sit in court all day to prosecute a case or be in the community protecting our citizens. 

Victims and witnesses should not have to miss a day’s work and pay waiting to have their cases heard only to be told that they are going to have to come back to Court multiple times and miss more work.

Juveniles that are truant should not be missing multiple days of school sitting in Court to discuss why they’ve been missing school.  Neglected and abused children should not be sitting in court all day to find safe haven.  Parents who need to work to support the children for whom they are fighting in Juvenile Court too often find themselves at risk of losing those jobs because they have to sit in Court all day on juvenile matters. 

I am committed to working with all parties to increase available court dates and improve and implement programs benefitting the children and the future of Campbell County.  I will collaborate with the community and all of our agencies to make our county a better place for everyone.

Both of my parents were military veterans; I have learned from the two of them that there is no greater calling than to be of service to others.  If elected, I will work to implement a Veterans’ Court that will help our Veterans receive targeted aid and assistance to overcome whatever adversities they are facing.

If elected, I promise to provide consistent, just, fair and unbiased judgment in every case that comes before the Court.  I will apply the law as written.  I will be tough, but fair, and will give everyone their day in Court.  I will be respectful to every citizen that comes before the Court.

In my many years of representing you and your neighbors, I have accepted the challenge of taking on many difficult and controversial cases.  I am proud to have been a part of the process that guaranteed that the law was upheld and justice was done for each and every client. 

Our community should be able to have confidence in our Court system to the point that they know and believe that they will be treated with fairness and the opportunity to present their case.  I want to give back to the community that has provided my family and myself a home.

I want to serve Campbell County.  I want to make a difference.  I want to help Campbell County be the county it has been and can be again.  Together, that can happen. 

I ask each of you to vote for Kristie Anderson, for General Session Judge on August 4, 2022.  Thank you. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/08/2022-1:30PM)