PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The following release was submitted to WLAF by the candidate. It has not been edited for brevity or format.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (SPECIAL TO WLAF) – To all the voters in the First District of Campbell County; Valley View , Wells Springs, Alder Springs, Demory and PineCrest

I am excited to announce that I will be seeking to be Re-elected to the School Board seat representing District 1. The last four years serving as your member has been one of the greatest things I have done and I’m asking for your vote to allow me to continue to serve.

Over the last four years I have developed relationships in the school system, with whom I have worked closely with to “ Make a Difference”. I am proud of the things we have accomplished at Valley View with the new playground, shade structures, tables, murals, the new sign, the rock and the paving of the whole parking lot front and back this coming spring. It just shows you when you’re dedicated and put forth the effort to make a difference it can be done!

Jeffrey Miller announces his re-election bid for school board member in the first district.

I also fully believe that every child in our school system is equal no matter if they go to Valley View, Elk Valley, White Oak or Jacksboro.. It’s our duty to ensure all of these kids get the best education possible and over the last four years I have proven that all schools throughout the county are vital to the success of these kids getting an education and I will always stand on that belief. Fairness and Equality is a core belief of mine that will not be changed.

Over the last four years I have served as Policy Chairman ( my first year)

Vice Chairman of the BOE the last two years \

And a role I have  really enjoyed is Building Committee Chairman which I have held the last two years. In this role I have worked tirelessly on projects from the county wide playground project, the HVAC project at jacksboro, to the major re- roofing jobs currently happening in the 5th District, the re-paving projects that will include VV, Lafollette Elementary, CCHS, and Wynn. Working closely with maintenance on many other projects too. And through the building committee a lot of the capital projects being funded by the Federal ESSER monies we discussed and gave guidance on and the direction we wanted to go utilizing those funds for many capital projects that in the end will save our county general fund thousands of dollars in the future. This all is attributed to leadership and ‘getting things done”.

If Re-elected, over the next four years I would like to continue to update the infrastructure of our schools, inside furniture is a great need, continue to give the teachers and admin the tools necessary to get test scores up and stay there. I would like to see the moral at all schools be the best it can be. Spend our money wisely and look over all budgets and bids to the finest detail to ensure we are spending and using every last cent and not wasting money which is what I’ve done and will continue to do. I would like to see an increase in pay for our teachers and all staff, with the pandemic we are behind and need to do better! Again can i get all of these, that i don’t know but,I assure you I will fight for them and be the voice everyone deserves.

In closing, I’m no politician. I ran for this position 3.5 years ago believing I could make a difference by working hard and showing you the people that when you “roll up your sleeves” many many things can be done. I thank you for trusting me and letting me work for you. Now I am asking you to look at my record and give me another 4 years to bring the changes we need to be the best and offer the best education possible.


Jeffrey Miller

 Vice Chairman CCBOE