TOP PHOTO: It’s the end of an era.  A 50-year career in banking has come to a close for Doris Cordell Sharp (center.)  Sharp is pictured along with two of her colleagues, Loretta Cordell (left) and Donna Morris (right), at Community Trust Bank on her last day on the job before retirement on Friday.

By Charlotte Underwood

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – After more than 30 years at Community Trust Bank, Doris Cordell Sharp worked her last day on Friday. Members of the community stopped by all day long to wish her a happy retirement and Community Trust Bank honored her with a sendoff complete with cake, punch and gifts.

Rhonda Longmire, Community Trust Bank’s Market President, spoke about Sharp’s time at the bank and how she would be missed.

Rhonda Longmire, Market President for Community Trust Bank, presented Doris Cordell Sharp (right) with a diamond Community Trust Bank pin to commemorate her 30 years at CBT.

Longmire also presented her with a six diamond pin on behalf of her 30 years at the bank, as well as with an iPad, so Sharp could “keep in touch” with everyone.

Sharp’s career in banking spanned 50 years and multiple banks. She began working at First National Bank, which is now Community Trust Bank, more than 30 years ago.

Bank board members Marvin Minton and Rob Woodson spoke at the event as well, thanking Sharp for her years of service to the bank.

Community Trust Bank board members Rob Woodson (left) and Marvin Minton (right) spoke on behalf of Doris Cordell Sharp at her retirement event held Friday at the bank.

“Doris is an important part of this bank and this community, and we wish her the best in retirement,” Woodson said. 

Upon retirement, Sharp said she is looking forward to having more time to relax and spend with her husband Mickey and their grandchildren. 

A trip to Sevierville with her granddaughters is in the immediate future, according to Sharp, who said the girls had been “counting down” to her retirement.

Sharp said time had flown by and that she had enjoyed her time working at Community Trust Bank, especially with her colleagues and bank customers.

“Everyone is just like family to me, and I will miss them, but I will definitely be by to see them,” Sharp said. Related story. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/31/2022-6AM)