JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – The January Campbell County Commission workshop turned into a three-hour marathon featuring heated arguments between members, off-topic moments and at times a sense of general chaos. Commission Chairman Johnny Bruce attempted to gain control of the situation. Watch the full workshop HERE.

“I’m going to lay down some rules. If you don’t like them you can elect a new chairman,” Bruce stated, adding later that the workshops “have gotten completely out of hand.”

Bruce first announced that the public comment period will now come at the end of the workshop instead of the beginning, and speakers will be given a maximum of five minutes to state their case. “I will encourage them to hold initial comments to three minutes, giving time for them to answer commissioners’ questions,” Bruce added.

As for commissioners, Bruce stated they may have the floor only one time for each motion, rather than engage in back and forth debate. “We can have differences of opinion but no personal attacks,” he said. Bruce also addressed the media, saying, “If it’s said in the meeting, print every word, leave nothing out.”

Bruce ended on a positive note, going through each of the five districts and complimenting the commissioners from each for their accomplishments and efforts on behalf of their constituents in the past year.

Commissioners then worked to set the agenda for next week’s regular meeting, with Commissioner Ralph Davis having the lion’s share of motions to present. In addition to a motion to rescind the controversial motion Davis made last month to invite removed statues and monuments to be sent to Campbell County, Davis also proposed adding two county commissioners to the board of the Chamber of Commerce.

When asked whether he felt the chamber wasn’t doing a good job, Davis replied that he didn’t mean to say that, but feels the commission should be represented. It was pointed out that several years ago, the commission voted to not include elected officials on the chamber board, but Davis replied that such an action can be reversed. “I’ll make the motion,” he concluded.

Davis will also offer a motion to approve an interlocal agreement between the county, the City of Jellico and Volunteer Regional Landfill in Scott County. That agreement will allow Jellico to haul waste directly to the landfill under the county’s waste contract, rather than having to haul it first to Towe String Road where the waste would be transferred to the county and then hauled to Scott County.

Under the proposed agreement, Jellico could haul up to 600 tons of waste to the landfill during the 2021-22 fiscal year without cost under the county’s contract. Any tonnage over that amount would be paid by the county and Jellico would reimburse the county at the rate of $35/ton. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/12/2022-6AM)