LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – The City of LaFollette, meeting in workshop session on Tuesday afternoon, is looking toward making some changes. Next week at the monthly meeting, council will vote on soliciting bids for the installation of card reader door locks. Preliminary information shows that the doors could be opened with only a card or card and code. This would provide a savings of changing locks to city buildings when employees leave, codes would be deleted versus changing locks.

Council discussed the operation of the flea market behind city hall. Currently the city has someone appointed to collect the fees and bring the monies to city hall. City Administrator Stan Foust proposed that the recreation department take over the duties of collecting the funds and put the money into the recreation fund. Recreation Director Johnny Byrge proposed that the flea market be open Monday – Saturday to generate more shoppers in the city.

Councilman Wayne Kitts requested information about council members being required to vacate their council seat if they wish to run for mayor. He inquired as to why it was done and when it was done. Foust reported that it wasn’t in the city charter. City Attorney Reid Troutman told Kitts he would research the questions. With this question the door was opened for a discussion about the city charter. Councilman Mark Hoskins feels that there are updates that need to be made to the charter. Troutman advised that the charter was last updated in 2000 and it is a lengthy process to make changes.

Two boards have vacancies that need to be filled; E-911 board and medical foundation board. Newly appointed Councilman Brian St. John showed interest in the E-911 seat and Kitts volunteered to fill the medical foundation board seat. Council will have an ordinance to approve next week relating to the qualifications of planning commission members. Kitts would like to see members be people who live in the city and be appointed every four years. The planning commission is comprised of the mayor, one council member and three other appointees.

Representatives from Postmark LaFollette were on hand Tuesday afternoon to discuss an opportunity to apply for a Rural Arts Facility Funds grant with $100,000 available in funds. To apply for the grant Postmark would need a long term lease (five years) that stipulates the property must be operated as an arts facility or ownership of the building. If Postmark were awarded the funds improvements can be made to the building as well as some needed repairs.

Hoskins requested that city start the process of establishing a hotel/motel tax. Hoskins reported that he had been researching the issue and found that it was a lengthy process. While the city doesn’t have this tax in the charter, Hoskins feels it is important to start the process now in case a hotel/motel ever wanted to open within the city. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/29/2021-6AM)