Drug Agents with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office raided this home that is not far from Norris Lake.

CARYVILLE, TN (WLAF) – In the lunch hour on Wednesday, Campbell County Sheriff’s Captain John Long and the Sheriff’s Drug Unit successfully executed a narcotics search warrant at a home on White Oak Lane near Norris Lake.

Undercover agents with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office previously purchased illegal narcotics from 40-year old Mitchell Callan at his White Oak Lane home prompting the request for a search warrant according to a release from the CCSO.

Once inside the home, that’s on a dead end road close to the Hatfield Cemetery, agents encountered several people including Callan and Damion Horne, 24, homeless of Rocky Top.

CCSO Sergeant Brandon Gross played a key role in Wednesday’s drug raid at this Caryville home.

Agents found a pack of cigarettes under a pillow in the bed where Horne was laying. Based on the CCSO report, the pack contained a clear bag with a white powder believed to be methamphetamine.  Horne allegedly admitted he was high on meth but said he was unaware that the meth filled cigarette pack was under his pillow.

Elsewhere in the home, agents found an orange powder from crushed pills that Callan admitted was Adderall. A white crystal substance thought to be meth was also discovered by agents.  A large amount of white powder was also located that Callan allegedly said he used to cut other narcotics.

Callan and Horne were both arrested. Callan was charged with possession of schedule II and III controlled substances along with felony possession of drug parapheranalia. Possession of a schedule II controlled substance is the charge Horne is facing.

Jail records indicate that this was the ninth arrest for Callan, the eighth for Horne and both men remain housed in the Campbell County Jail this morning. No bond is set for Callan while Horne has a $5,000 secure bond. Both men are scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on Tue., Jan. 25. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/24/2021-6AM)

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  1. Why is bond so low on drug dealers that have had so many arrests,? People with domestic charges get set at 30000$ and they’re only hurting themselves.

    1. Thank you for your response, Patsy.
      Sounds like a good question for your district attorney general and judges.

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