NASHVILLE, TN (WLAF) – Here is the latest COVID-19 information for Campbell County as of Friday afternoon from the State of Tennessee Department of Health.

7,468 Total cases

107 Active cases

88     Deaths

7,273 Inactive/Recovered

CLICK here to see the COIVD-19 statewide dashboard.  (11/22/2021-6AM)

9 Replies to “Active COVID cases sit at 107 entering the new week”

      1. They’re 39,842 people who live in Campbell county not county tourist and visitors. 334 active cases shouldn’t be a worry to anyone. This pandemic has been made out to be more then it is by the media and federal government. Live your life people cause if you give up even the smallest freedoms you may lose them all. It goes back to the saying if you give a inch they will take a mile. I am proud our county government hasn’t caved under pressure to take our liberties and choices away. No mandates of any kind! No fixed vaccines! No forced mask mandate. They are doing what we elected them to do and that’s protect our liberties above all. If you choose to get the vaccine I support your choice. If you choose to wear a mask i support that as well, but just cause someone thinks different doesn’t make them wrong or less entitled than you.

  1. My doctor said he had lost 3 patients in the last 2 weeks to COVID-19 in Campbell County. What is going on with the numbers?

  2. What measures are the city mayors and county mayor doing to keep the area safe during this surge?

  3. Does the school superintendent post if there are cases in the schools? If so where are they posting it?

  4. Since the numbers keep surging, in my opinion everyone needs to exercise extra precautions, social distance, wear a mask and sanitize on a regular basis. Not just a one time and done thing. If everyone doesn’t come together on this, COVID will never be under control.

  5. Keep in mind active cases are coming down. That 7000 is total cases from over a year ago. Active cases is what we need to look at and we are headed in the right direction with those.

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