TOP PHOTO: Just some of the many creations from LS Cookies.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – The word count in this story is minimal.  However, the picture word count is at a thousand  words.  Just look.  “These cookies taste as good as they look,” said Jennifer Seiber with Lace to Pearls hosting a big cookie event Friday morning.

At first look, it’s easy to think that Lauren Scott’s cookie creations are toys or something you might want to just keep rather than eat.  But they’re delicious.

Lace to Pearls hosts LS Cookie Company Friday at its shop on South Indiana Avenue (next to Kash & Karry Building Supply).  Seiber said, “Lauren’s cookies are chocolate and vanilla and contain no milk.  They look so pretty that you don’t want to eat them, but they are great.”

Scott, a young mom and homemaker, bakes out of her home and brings her latest creations to Lace to Pearls Friday morning at 11 am.  Friday’s cookies feature a fall theme.  “She’ll stay until she sells out, and I don’t think that’ll take long,” Seiber said.

You can find LS Cookies on Facebook.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/14/2021-6AM)

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