This is the area, 4.4 acres, the City of LaFollette is purchasing to have more room for its Street Department.

TOP PHOTO: Here’s an up top look from WLAF’s Charlie Hutson of the City of LaFollette Street Department’s current location.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – The City of LaFollette Public Works Department has found a solution to its lack of space issues. During the regular monthly meeting (09/14/2021), the La Follette City Council agreed to purchase 4.4 acres of land on Del Rio Lane. The city has been interested in the property for a while that carries a price tag of $180,000.

Four promotions on the agenda were approved. Promoting Jesse Ellefson to full-time entry level fire fighter at a salary of $30,657.74 effective Sept. 25; April Marlow to full dispatcher at a salary of $22,464 effective Sept. 25; Gabriel Saylor to full time sanitation worker with a salary of $26,707.20 and Robert Blair to full time sanitation worker with a salary of $25,667.20 effective Sept. 25. The difference in salaries was attributed to Saylor having a commercial driver’s license and Blair not having a commercial driver’s license.

The council approved several resolutions. Resolution 2021-12 amending the 2021-22 budget for payment of the fire department’s rescue truck, message/arrow board for the public works department and adding an ARP grant for the library to purchase computers. Resolution 2021-13 authorizing the City of LaFollette to participate in the Public Entity Partners (driver safety) Loss Control Matching Grant Program, this is done annually; Resolution 2021-14 amending the 2021-22 budget to add a capital outlay note for the purchase of an excavator for the public works department and funds for the fire department to purchase a heart monitor. The council suspended the meeting rules to add an additional ordinance to the agenda. The ordinance will allow the city to apply for a multi-modal grant. This grant if approved will help to start phase two of a sidewalk project that will extend to Charley’s Pizza.

Ordinance 2021-10 amending the zoning map for the City of LaFollette, North Indiana Avenue and Ordinance 2021-11 amending the personnel policy had final readings and were approved. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/15/2021-6AM)