TOP PHOTO: The Depot Event Center is open for special occasions with a capacity of 110.

La Follette railroad history adds to the charm of The Depot.

COOLIDGE, TN (WLAF) – The Depot Event Center sits in the heart of God’s country; the view, the amenities and hospitable atmosphere only enhance your special occasion.

During Danny and Joyce Hammac’s trip to the beach a few years ago, the idea for “The Depot” came about. First they thought of building a barn, and that thought evolved into what is now The Depot. See the photo gallery HERE.

The summer sun sets on The Depot where Long Hollow Road meets Coolidge Road. The Depot includes 1,200 square feet of outdoor deck space.
Put your own personal touch on your event at The Depot.

Danny spent his career working on the railroad and has seen his share of depots. He and Joyce scoped out some of the old depots around the region and brought that touch to The Depot Event Center.

A repurposed rail cart serves as a front porch coffee table.
Danny Hammac points to a magazine photo cover of the La Follette Depot which displays the same La Follette sign that now hangs inside The Depot Event Center.

Construction began in 2019 and became a “COVID project” with the first event, a gender reveal, this past March. “We were able to buy our materials before the big demand and price increases hit,” said Danny. The non-alcohol venue hosted a Sweet 16 party on Saturday following a wedding late last month.

Enter through the 700-pound front door to a wedding, corporate function, receptions, birthday party, anniversary, showers and more. Notice the bump out windows, another feature that was used in many, if not all, depots and are on both sides of the front door.
White corbels, like at the old depots, adorn the ceiling of the outdoor deck.

The Hammacs completed nearly all of the construction by themselves on The Depot. A fire pit and a brick oven are part of the view out the back door of The Depot Event Center. WiFi and blue tooth speakers along with plenty of refrigerator space are among the amenities not to mention a large projector system plus tables and chairs. “We also offer linens and decorating services, which are extra,” said Joyce.

The women’s dressing room/restroom is spacious.
The fireplace adds a cozy touch to The Depot Event Center.

The Hammacs can be reached at 423.912.3376 or 871.2066 or via Facebook. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/21/2021-6AM)

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