This wreck was on the heels of another wreck on Thursday morning on I-75.

CARYVILLE, TN (WLAF) – There was a wreck Thursday morning just after 7am where one person was injured. Not long after that accident, another occurred a couple of miles behind it on I-75.

The initial wreck was the bridge around Mile Marker 135. This other multi-vehicle crash happened at Mile Marker 137, also on the southbound side of I-75 here in Campbell County. There were no injuries in the second mishap involving four vehicles.

The second interstate wreck prompted the EMA to respond. Reports are that EMA is dealing with gasoline, oil and anti-freeze leaks.

As traffic attempted to detour through Turley onto Red Ash and then to Caryville, a big rig ended up getting stuck and shutting down that detour. The 18-wheeler ended up getting jammed up on the bridge at Turley and reportedly did extensive damage to the bridge in the process.

There were no injuries in this four-vehicle accident.

Another spinoff issue is GPS sending tractor trailers across the Eagle Rock Road from Exit 141. Authorities have had to post an officer to keep those trucks from going that way, because that road can not handle large vehicles.

At 10:24am, the report of an 18-wheeler bottoming out on Stinking Creek Road, the gravel portion, that connects Exit 144 and the Howard Baker Highway came in. A wrecker is enroute. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/16/2021-10:15AM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF CARYVILLE FIRE CHIEF EDDIE HATMAKER)