PIONEER, TN (WLAF) – A woman claims her reason for drinking and driving was due to a divorce. Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Shayne Wilburn responded to a call about a reckless driver on I-75 on Fri., Sept. 3. When Wilburn arrived on scene, he learned that Campbell County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) had make contact with the driver identified as Aubrey Douglas in a 2013 Land Rover at Mile Marker 146. When they attempted to give her medical treatment, she got back into her car. She then drove to MM 142 when she opened her door fell out and laid on the interstate in the right hand lane of oncoming traffic, according to a report from the sheriff’s department. EMS blocked off the road until Wilburn arrived.

Upon his arrival, Wilburn allegedly noticed a strong smell of alcohol coming off Douglas’ breath. When Wilburn asked Douglas how much she had to drink that afternoon, she was allegedly so intoxicated she could not keep her eyes open. The report said Douglas had very slurry speech, could not stand, sit or walk on her own freewill. Douglas was placed in Wilburn’s patrol car where Wilburn said that she vomited and passed out until they arrived at the jail.

While Wilburn was waiting for a tow truck, he did a brief inventory of Douglas’ Land Rover where found a 1.75 liter of Margarita half empty and a 750 ml Tequila half empty. When Wilburn arrived at the jail, he had to physically pick Douglas up and move her into the jail. Douglas was placed on a seat where Wilburn had to hold her up. Eventually Wilburn was able to speak with Douglas who allegedly stated that she knew she was drinking and driving but did it, because she was going through a divorce.

Douglas, 24, 3100 Oakhurst Lane, Lexington, KY was charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and violation implied consent law. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/13/2021-6AM)