TOP PHOTO: Bo Couch and his dad Jason Couch finish up a fun JAKES Day.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – WLAF’s Charlotte Underwood shares photos of prize winners from Saturday’s JAKES Day.

Presley Brock won a drawing for a lifetime hunting and fishing license at Saturday’s JAKES Day event.
Luke Carroll, right and Mason Wilson won fishing poles after catching tagged fish in the pond at the 10th annual JAKES Day.
Jaxon Taylor won a 22 rifle at JAKES Day.
Bo Wright was a winner at the 10th annual JAKES Day.
Lane Couch was a winner at JAKES Day.
Madison Smith won a 22 rifle.
Landon Marlow won fishing tackle.
It was a fun JAKES Day for Walker Howard.
Callen Wilson won a bb gun gun and starter kit.
Nora Snodderly won fishing tackle.
Knox Couch won tackle at the 10th annual JAKES Day.
Macoy Johnson won a bb gun.
Maggie Plunk won fishing pole and tackle.
Brody Ball won a fishing pole!
Patrick Ault won a shotgun in a raffle.
Eli Boshears won a bb gun!
Ella Hoskins sports her prize.