TOP PHOTO: A crowd of kids gathered at the LaFollette Library Gym on Friday morning to be entertained by local ventriloquist and magician Gene Cordova.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Fan favorite Gene Cordova performed Friday morning at the La Follette Public Library, and the ventriloquist, puppeteer, comedian, and magician all rolled into one did not disappoint. “Gene is an all-time favorite,” said Nancy Green, director of the LaFollette Public Library.

Gene Cordova entertained kids at the LaFollette Library on Friday morning.

Cordova’s 10 am performance, open to kids of all ages, concluded with a pizza party.

“Since I didn’t get to have a regular summer reading program this year, this is the library’s way of making it up to the kids by having Gene come and entertain them,” added Green.

Volunteers helping with Gene Cordova’s magic show on Friday morning.

HERE is a performance from Cordova during 2020. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/02/2021-6AM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF WLAF’S CHARLOTTE UNDERWOOD)