TOP PHOTO: The Baird Animal Shelter, off Towe String Road, is temporarily not accepting any intakes.

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – The county animal shelter is past capacity and is closed to intake until further notice, according to Director Patricia Siwinski.

“Like many of our local area shelters, Campbell County TN Animal Center, is at critical capacity and have been operating at 175 percent capacity for a few weeks now,” Siwinski said.  

On Tuesday afternoon, the shelter took in a hoarding case with 40+ additional animals, leading to the intake closure. 

“While working with rescues, adoption centers, adopters and fosters, sometimes it just isn’t enough and we fall short. I am asking you, from the bottom of my heart and soul, if you can support us in any way, please do so.  If you can help us save just one life, please do so. If you can adopt, foster, donate supplies or vetting funds, please do so. If you can come to the shelter and help care for the residents, please do so. If you can transport, please do so. If you aren’t able to help with these things, you can still share my plea.  Please share, share, share,” Siwinski said.  

The shelter has been working to find fosters and/or rescues to take eight heartworm positive dogs. One has found rescue and eight remain. While all residents whose holds are up are at risk today, the heartworm positives are at the highest risk level, according to Siwinski.

“Our feline rescue partners are full, our adoption center outlets are doing the best they can, if you can foster or adopt a kitty, please do so. This is not a post that any shelter or shelter director ever wants to make. We strive to be transparent and I want you all to know that it takes a village to save the lives up on this hill but we are truly struggling.  I am humbly asking you to help us though this busiest of times.  Thank you for your support.”

Visit the shelter’s website to learn more about programs or to find a new best friend.  You can also message the Facebook page or call the shelter directly at 423-566-8018. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/28/2021-6AM)