(Left to right) Warren Kitts, Scott Bowling with IRTEC addressing the commission, J.C. Miller, Scott Fields, Scott Kitts, Lonnie Weldon and Greg Leach.

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Members of the Campbell County Planning Commission met Monday evening and approved several minor lot subdivisions, as well as the preliminary concept plan for an RV/ cabin subdivision.

First approved was a minor lot subdivision for Marvin Stanford on Old Long Hollow Road.

“This is a real simple subdivision lot, I recommend approval,” said County Planner Jordan Rockwell.

Also approved was a minor lot subdivision on Deer Ridge Lane for Alan Langhals. The lot had a special note that it was on a non-buildable conveyance. According to Rockwell, this was only going to be used as lake access for the owner to put his boat slip and would not be built upon for housing.

After about 20 minutes of discussion, planning commission members approved a preliminary plat concept plan for a major lot subdivision up on the 141 exit of I-75 which will be set up as RV Cabin lots. The proposed subdivision is in the Flatwoods area. Lots have a minimum of 7,500 square feet.

There was some concern about who would be maintaining the road and if it would later come back on the county with buyers wanting the county to maintain it.

The road is listed as TWRA Trail 1 and is maintained by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. 

Rockwell recommended before approval that the county make a special note that the county is not responsible for the road.

Planning Commission member and Commissioner Scott Kitts amended his motion to reflect this special note that the county was not responsible for the road. After this amendment, planning commission members approved the concept plan to move forward.

Planning Commission member Rob Woodson said he felt whoever purchased these lots would be doing so to be on a gravel and dirt road since it was Mountain Tourism and would be aimed at off road vehicles.

“I think we need to support this and do what’s best for our county,” Woodson said.

Planning Commission Attorney Reid Troutman said he felt the county would not be responsible for the road and could just state so in the paperwork.

“This is different than a regular subdivision. They are up there to be in the mountains,” Troutman said, adding that the county should look at amending the county’s subdivision regulations. “I think we are going to see more subdivisions such as these, popping up,” Troutman said. 

Also discussed was the minimum lot size for a previously proposed subdivision lot expansion on Lakeside Estates. It has also been approved by the Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation for up to 200 additional homes to be built. Builders said they thought only about 150 additional homes would be built. There are currently about 70 houses there now.

The county had previously discussed the issue of reducing the minimum lot sizes from 20,000 square feet down to 15,000 for subdivisions serviced by publicly owned private utilities, which is how Lakeside Estates is set up. 

“If we changed our county regulations to reflect this, then a variance wouldn’t have to be granted,” Rockwell said.

The planning commission will go forward with the proposal to amend its regulations down to the 15,000 minimum square feet, rather than 20,000 for subdivisions using privately owned public utilities. Rockwell told planning commission members he would draft the regulation amendments in order for a public hearing to be held before it gets voted on. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/13/2021-6AM)