NASHVILLE, TN. (WLAF)- As of July 1, Tennessee passed a number of new laws. Over this week, WLAF will highlight some of the new laws.

Tennessee lawmakers enacted laws aimed at the sex trafficking industry.

Among them were:

Safe Home for Trafficked Children: Under this law, police are required to notify the Department of Children’s Services when a minor is taken into custody on suspected prostitution charges. The DCS will place the child in a safe place that will help them recover from abusive trafficking. (Senate Bill 214)

Trafficking Victims Self-Defense: The new law gives considerations to victims of human trafficking who use force that may result in serious bodily injury or death, even if they are engaged in illegal activity. The victim must prove they are a victim of human trafficking in order to use force when they had a reasonable belief of a threat that would result in serious bodily injury or death. (Senate Bill 188)

Commercial Sex Trafficking: The bill is aimed at combating human trafficking by removing the statute of limitations for any offenses committed against a child on or after July 1, 2021. (Senate Bill 1115)

Sex Trafficking Sentencing: The law adds convicted traffickers to the category of sexual predators who are not eligible for early parole or release. (Senate Bill 1122)

Truth in Sentencing: The new law ensures certain violent or sexual offenders serve all of their sentence imposed by a judge or jury. The law aims to protect victims and their families. (Senate Bill 717) (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 07/07/2021- 6AM)