TOP PHOTO: Left to right around the table are Mayor Mike Stanfield, Vice-Mayor Phillip Farmer, Councilman Mark Hoskins, Interim City Administrator Stan Foust, City Attorney Reid Troutman, Councilman Wayne Kitts and Finance Director Terry Sweat.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Last night business owner Katie Goins spoke to the LaFollette City Council about how she feels the city is treating ATV riders since the city has been working to enforce ATV routes. Goins stated that nine downtown businesses benefit from the ATV revenue.

Katie Goins of Katie’s Restaurant (orange shirt) addressed city leaders at Monday’s workshop as Dee Anne Reynolds looks on.

Goins alleges the ATV route signs are missing preventing riders from knowing where they are and are not allowed. Goins feels that signs need to be replaced and maps of allowed streets need to be posted. Interim City Administrator Stan Foust reported that the city has a map of the allowed streets on its website and Facebook page. Watch the meeting HERE on demand. Goins comments come in at the 11:00 mark.

Three ordinances are set for a final reading at the next council meeting. Council will meet on July 13 instead of the regularly scheduled July 6. Ordinance 2021-06 amending the City of LaFollette code with respect to cutting and trimming of trees. The ordinance outlines where brush is to be placed for pick-up, the length and diameter of brush/limbs, brush/limbs taken down by a contractor or landscaper are not included in the brush collection program and will not be collected. Ordinance 2021-07 amending the zoning ordinance of the City of LaFollette. The ordinance defines a single-family dwelling. Ordinance 2021-08 adopting the City of LaFollette short-term rental policy stating all short-term rentals must be issued an operating permit and follow the guidelines for safe and reasonable operation of short-term rentals. Ordinance 2021-09 amending Title 17 adding chapters I, II and III back to refuse section will have a first reading. When the city went through the codification process this section was omitted. The ordinance adds it back in to the codes.

Council has several administrative matters to vote on at the next council meeting including commissioning a portrait of Harvey LaFollette by John Lemaire to put in the council chambers at the cost of $1,000. The stage behind city hall needs some repairs, and council will discuss in its next meeting whether to repair the stage or not. The city has plans to build a new amphitheater that could serve the same purpose as the stage. Promoting Charlie Bozeman to full administrative assistant at a salary of $29,120 effective July 17, 2021, will be on the July 13 agenda. Two promotions are set to be voted on next week; Jason Seiber to full time Fire Fighter II/EMR at a salary of $32,105.47 effective July 17, 2021, and Zack Daugherty to full time level 1 patrol officer at a salary of $30,437.20 effective July 17, 2021.

Council previously agreed to check on the cost of outsourcing the wet weather conveyance project on the East end of LaFollette. Foust told council the cost of outsourcing the project was $373,000. The price tag was much higher than expected. Foust continued that the city could purchase a new excavator and still do the project in-house for less. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/29/2021-6AM)