NEWCOMB, TN (WLAF) – Recently, Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher West rounded a turn on Hwy 297 in Newcomb and saw a silver and red Ford and a silver Honda sitting at the stop sign on Brick Plant Rd. West noticed the hood was up on the Ford and there was a man and a woman standing in front of the vehicle. He then saw the man take off his hat and throw it at the woman, hitting her in the face.

Next the woman put her hands in front of her face to keep from getting hit, and she then ran around the side of the Ford attempting to run away from the man, according to a report from the Sherriff’s Department. When West got out of his patrol car, he told the man to turn around and put his hands behind his back. West placed the man identified as Joshua Thomas Brown under arrest and checked his driver’s license which came back as suspended.

West then spoke with the female identified who gave West a false name. When West ran the female’s social security number through dispatch and discovered her name was Magaline Faith Hightower. While West was investigating the assault a Chevy Cavalier pulled up directly behind West and said “hey” toward West in a loud manner, according to the report. When West turned around to speak with man, he allegedly told West the man and woman were not arguing and then proceeded to argue with West, insisting that West was wrong about what he witnessed. The report notes that through West experience, the man was attempting to alter the outcome of the pending investigation he was conducting. While West was talking with the man, he noticed that glossy eyes and pinpoint pupils. At this point, he asked for his driver’s license and told him to pull his vehicle off the road into a driveway. The male revealed himself to be Joshua Shane Perkins. Prior to administering field sobriety test, West asked Perkins if he had used anything that would place him under the influence, he replied he had smoked marijuana a few hours earlier. Perkins performed unsatisfactorily on the test and was placed under arrest. During this time Lieutenant Travis Bostic arrived and deployed K-9 Santo who alerted on the rear driver’s side of Perkins car and the front driver side of Hightower’s Honda.

Upon searching Perkins Cavalier, West saw a camouflaged tin lock-box tucked under the paneling inside the driver’s side of the trunk. Inside the box was five grams of a crystal like substance, three grams of a brown powder substance, five yellow capsules, various drug paraphernalia items such as two glass pipes, several scales, small clear bags, and a straw. West also found a loaded handgun, loaded rifle and a shotgun in the vehicle.

Inside Hightower’s Honda, Bostic found a black box on the driver’s side of the vehicle with approximately four grams of a crystal like substance, several pieces of an orange pill and one orange strip. There were also various paraphernalia items throughout the vehicle such as scales and small bags.

Brown, 37, 810 Highland Drive, Knoxville is charged with assault and driving while revoked/suspended (3rd offense).

Hightower, 26, 78 Kenny Bug Lane, Williamsburg, KY is charged with two counts mfg/del/sell controlled substance, violation of TN financial law, possession of drug paraphernalia and criminal impersonation.

Perkins, 25, 1047 Lone Road, Pioneer is charged with destruction of evidence, resist stop frisk halt search, disorderly conduct, driving under influence (DUI), three counts mfg/del/sell controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, other, violation of TN financial law, possessing handgun under the influence, possessing a firearm in commission of felon, drivers to exercise due care and disorderly conduct. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/28/2021-6AM)