NASHVILLE, TN (WLAF) – Here is the latest COVID-19 information for Campbell County as of Friday afternoon from the State of Tennessee Department of Health.

4,174  Total cases

0       New cases

29     Active cases

129    Hospitalizations

63      Deaths (seven deaths the week of Feb. 1, 2021)

4,082 Recovered/Inactive

CLICK here to see the COIVD-19 statewide dashboard.  (05/15/2021-6AM)

46 Replies to “COVID-19 cases slip under 30”

  1. I am sick and tired of hearing COVID 19. Let God take care of it, and quit using it to destroy our nation and the economy.

    1. I agree with this whole heartly, but we as citizens need to use the common sense God gave us and obey the rules that are set before us especially wear masks. I believe in tempting Christ and He has given the Drs and scientist the knowledge so they can lead this country and tell us what is best to help this from spreading and trying to keep us all safe.
      But if we don’t follow guidelines and listen to our leaders God is watching us and showing us what happens when we don’t believe in Him or our leaders
      Things are going to get worse before they get better
      So if we all would work together and do what is asked this pandemic might slow down

    2. Everyone’s tired of it. But it’s a reality we have to live with until better times. People are not the problem here. A virus is.

    3. I know covid is real bit what I am not understanding now is why there arent or havent been any positive flu diagnosis. Makes ya wonder if covid and the flu r all in the same . The same amount of deaths each year are being reported with only a slight rise in deaths in the USA. So makes me wonder if a lot if this is just the flu virus with new sympstoms or enhanced symptoms because it is almost January and I have yet to hear if any flu outbreaks . makes a perosn wonder

    1. Thank you for your response, Sandy.

      Given my very limited knowledge of the reporting process, all I can provide to you and the other WLAF viewers is the explanation the state provided when it changed its way of reporting on June 12. That explanation is included in the daily update on WLAF. You’ll find it below in this email.



      Starting June 12, the Tennessee Department of Health updated its way of reporting cases and deaths connected to COVID-19 in Campbell County and for all of Tennessee. The Tennessee Department of Health is reporting daily the confirmed and probable cases and deaths from COVID-19 “to provide a more comprehensive look at the pandemic in Tennessee.”

      Tennessee Health Commissioner Lisa Piercey said in a statement on June 12, “We want to present a clear picture of the burden of COVID-19 on our state, and we want Tennesseans to understand the reason it may appear that we’ve had an increase in our cases and tests completed.”

      Tennessee Department of Health defines a confirmed case as “someone who tested positive (via PCR test) for the virus that causes COVID-19.”

      Additionally, Tennessee Department of Health defines a probable case as “someone who may have tested negative by PCR, tested positive by another type of test or may not have been tested at all, but has an illness consistent with COVID-19 and may have other risk factors.”

      Also explained by the Tennessee Department of Health is the different actions for confirmed or probable cases. The Tennessee Department of Health stated, “For both confirmed and probable cases, public health officials take the same actions. All cases (confirmed and probable) undergo a case investigation and contact tracing interview and are asked to isolate per CDC/TDH guidance. Their contacts are then contacted and asked to quarantine for 14 days.”

      See the full report HERE –

  2. Wearing mask can be helpful at times. I am not anti-face mask. However, face mask worn poorly, has a strong chance of adding to the problem. For example: touching the face mask constantly, adjusting it, and wearing it below the nose. This is very frustrating to watch, because I am watching these same people touching cell phone, surfaces, not washing their hands, then bringing their hands to the face to adjust the mask. CROSS CONTAMINATION. Very important is self awareness with intent, meaning intended monitoring of actions that can be risky, such as people being near you, coughing, sneezing and being just in your space. If you wear the mask, don’t touch the mask. Wash your hands constantly and most of all keep your distance as best as possible. Yes, I communicate often, ” I would like to visit, I would like to talk to you, but please stand away. Create that much needed space.”

  3. Covid had one of my family members in its grasp. If you don’t want to hear about Covid, you don’t have to read about it. I want to know because when it attacks your loved ones and you see them struggle, you want information. If you don’t want to wear a mask, I respect your decision. I can walk a distance from you. I wear my mask because of other people just in case I am positive with no symptoms. This virus does not discriminate. It will attack and find your weakest parts of your body. I wish everyone could fight it off with no symptoms but sadly for many it is a life threatening situation. So if you don’t want Covid news, pass on by it. Just like you would pass by something that doesn’t affect you. I could care less about sports but I don’t complain about the news about it. Each to his own. I’m grateful that WLAF posts the Covid news.

  4. Does anyone know if these numbers mean that 40 people is hospitalized right now or is the number of 40 total over the course of this pandemic?

    1. Thank you for your response, Amy.
      Forty represents the total of patients that are currently hospitalized.

  5. I wish everyone wore masks when they have to be out. I’m a nurse, who contracted covid, and have been in the hospital since October 26, spending 10 days in intensive care. Hopefully going home next week, probably with oxygen. Please wear masks!!!!!!

  6. My husband is in the hospital on a ventilator. He had to go on Tuesday. He is stable as of now.

  7. Have not seen anything posted about people getting the vaccine, are people getting them?

    1. Thank you for your response, Pamela.

      Type in COVID-19 in the WLAF search bar, and you’ll see a bunch of those stories from WLAF.


  8. Can we get some updates on the Covid vaccines, such as what stage we are in and where they will be available?

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