LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Flooding issues continue to plague the City of LaFollette. Vivian Loudy, a resident of Morning Side Park, spoke to the council last night. Her basement has flooded twice in less than two years. During the historic flood of June 2019, she had six feet of water in the basement of her home and again in March 2021. Watch Tuesday’s public hearing and the meeting live HERE on demand from WLAF.

Loudy had four to five feet of water in the basement in March. She expressed her concern about a ditch running through a hayfield on the nearby Ben Baird property. Mayor Mike Stanfield told the council that when he was working with the street department, the city maintained the ditch. The ditch needs to be cleaned out to keep water flowing through the ditch and away from homes. Councilman Mark Hoskins said, “If the city has done this before, we need to continue.” The city will start addressing the issue quickly to alleviate any further flooding issues.

Five ordinances and one resolution were on the City of La Follette’s monthly meeting agenda on Tuesday evening. Ordinance 2021-01 abandoning a portion of an unopened street located within North Fourteenth Street and Ordinance 2021-02 adopting and enacting a codification and revision of the ordinances of the City of LaFollette had final readings. Ordinance 2021-03 approving the 2021-22 budget, Ordinance 2021-04 adding chapter six of title seven fire code of the City of LaFollette Code by adding chapter six adopting open burning regulation and permitting had their first reading. Ordinance 2021-04 outlines burning should be between 7 am and dusk, all fires must be completely extinguished by dusk and never be left attended, piles are to not to exceed eight feet by eight feet and be no more than four feet high additionally, no stumps can be burned in the city. Ordinance 2021-05 requires all commercial dumpsters to be closed and locked. All dumpsters are to have the name and phone number of the private refuse collector in a highly visible location.  Those three ordinances had a first reading. Resolution 2021-05 refunding the 4/2017 Cumberland Securities capital outlay note was approved saving the city $30,448.

The council agreed to solicit bids for the wet weather conveyance project on the east end of LaFollette and the ADA curb and ramps for the Beech Street paving project.

Three police officers received promotions. Danielle Gilbert and Matthew Forsyth are to become Detective Sergeants effective May 8 at a salary of $36,057.47. The third promotion was Charles Duff to full Staff Sergeant effective May 8 at a salary of $36,057.47.

The fire department declared 18 old air packs as surplus. They will be donated to White Oak and Ridgewood Volunteer Fire Departments.

Los Rifles LLC located at 213 North Indiana Avenue, formerly Rick’s Pawn Shop/Morton-Wilson Hardware, was granted a beer permit. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/05/2021-6AM)

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