TOP PHOTO: Today marks two years since anyone has seen Adam Baird.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – A lot has changed since March 31, 2019. In fact, it’s a whole different world; even here in Campbell County. Though there is one constant. Adam Baird’s disappearance remains a mystery, and his family has no answers and no closure. He went missing two years ago today.

Baird’s sister, Belinda Powell, continues to carry what is becoming an increasingly heavier torch. Though her plea for someone to come forward with information has not wavered.

“We miss him so much. It gets harder and harder each day not knowing what happened to him and being able to talk, hug and just tell him we love him,” said Powell. Baird was 33-years old when he vanished.

Baird’s car was located on Big Four Road in the Stinking Creek Community. He was no where to be found.

Adam Clint Baird is 5 ft 7 inches tall, weighs 157 lbs, has brown hair and brown eyes. “He is a wonderful person who got mixed up in the wrong things and with the wrong people,” Powell stated.  

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