TOP PHOTO:  La Follette Medical Center RN Elizabeth Lawson was quick and painless with the free flu shots on Friday in the drive-thru clinic in Downtown La Follette.

Ginger reaches for a smooch from LMC RN Elizabeth Lawson as she administers a flu shot to David Stout.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Healthcare professionals from the La Follette Medical Center came out in 39-degree weather Friday morning right at sun up to begin the set up for today’s free flu shot clinic in Downtown La Follette’s big parking lot.

Ben Owens, the E-R/ICU Infection Control Director, with the La Follette Medical Center is part of the drive-thru team.  It could not be confirmed, though it was strongly believed, that Dr. Lee Seargeant drove to the clinic on the road grader pictured in the background.

“We’ve had a really good turnout,” said LMC Radiology Director Deonna Carranza.  The clinic ran in La Follette from 9 to 1 Friday ahead of Saturday’s second drive-thru clinic scheduled for Jacksboro Middle School.

“Momma Flu” Kathy Myers (left), Chief Nursing Officer at the LaFollette Medical Center, and LMC Radiology Director Deonna Carranza are part of the free flu shot drive-thru clinic team.

Just like Friday’s clinic, masks will be required, and the hours run from 9 am until 1 pm at JMS.  The process takes just minutes from answering a couple of questions, giving a signature and getting a free flu shot.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/02/2020-NOON)