JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Campbell County High School Principal Jamie Wheeler and Director of Athletics Ryan Browning remind you about the 2020 CCHS Football Guidelines that were first presented last month


  1. Tickets are $6 each.  If tickets are still available Friday night please get in line at ticket booth while socially distancing.
  2. Gates will open promptly at 6:00.
  3. Anyone entering the stadium must; have their temperature checked, adhere to the COVID 19 checklist, be wearing a mask, and present a ticket. There is a strict NO MASK, NO ENTRY POLICY for all CCHS sporting events. Please keep mask on throughout the game, anyone taking mask off will be asked to leave. The remainder of the sports schedule depends on everyone acting responsibly and respecting TSSAA guidelines. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or greater will not be allowed entry.  If possible, please stay in your car with air-conditioning running until lines subside to reduce time in the sun, as this can give a false fever.
  4. Re-entry passes will not be given out. If a spectator exits the stadium, they must purchase a ticket to re-enter.
  5. Please proceed to seating location and stay distanced from other spectators. 6 ft areas are marked by painted lines. Fans can use hill on far side of stadium for seating. Please bring a chair or blanket.
  6. Please don’t gather on fence area located next to track, you will be asked to proceed to stadium or hillside.
  7. Please socially distance while standing in line for the restrooms or concession stand. Please plan your concession stand trips accordingly.  We highly discourage large groups at the concession stands.
  8. There will be times that the restrooms are closed for sanitization.
  9. Be aware that if you are in a large group, a security officer or school official may remind you of the social distancing protocols. Rudeness and disrespect will not be tolerated.  The staff are only doing their job.
  10. All teachers at Campbell County schools that plan on attending the game should contact CCHS front office (423) 562-8308 before Friday. This is to help CCHS in its planning of the football game due to limited capacity. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/18/2020-6AM)

One Reply to “Check CCHS guidelines before you head to the game tonight”

  1. usnderstand that everyone needs to stay safe and sanitary during COVID 19;however, I feel that limited ticket sales is rediculous. Allow all who want to enter allowed to enter. Stands should be allowed to be packed to watch their team play. You can contract a virous no matter how far you are from anyone. Don’t destroy the act of sports by a virous. If you are sick stay at home or have a fever, but be allowed to support your team as always. We have allowed this virous to destroy many activities, sports, church, shopping and others. I am sick and tired of hearing COVID 19.

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