It was like a war zone down Sugar Hollow Road until all the trees. limbs and debris were cleared away.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Before Friday’s severe thunderstorm and its 70-mile per hour straight line winds had totally exited Campbell County, crews with the Campbell County Highway Department were out cutting and clearing trees from roads.“We thought we were dealing with about 25 trees or so.  And then we made it to the east side of the county.  That’s where we discovered well more than 100 trees,” said Road Superintendent Ron Dilbeck.

Challenging it was to say the least to clear some roads.

From Demory to Sugar Hollow to Flat Hollow to Old Middlesboro Highway, it hit especially hard on the east side of the county according to Dilbeck.

In addition to downed trees, crews dealt with many tree limbs not to mention all the associated debris.  Dilbeck said, “The debris was so bad on some roads, we took a snow plow and pushed the debris off.”

We had over a hundred trees down to many limbs to many to count the debris was so bad on some roads we took a snow plow and pushed the debris off.

Dilbeck said, “We had all the roads open by late Saturday.  Though we still have a lot of trees to clean up.  It’s all hands on deck again this morning to try to clean it all up.”


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  1. Great job by Mr. Dilbeck and his crew on getting all the roadways opened back up as quickly as they did. Great job by LUB as well.

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