TOP PHOTO:  School supply give-a-way organizer Leigh Blankenship (black cap) and volunteers had a busy day during the August 2019 event that returns this Sunday to the Big Rock Tavern.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – “Carl just loves kids, and he really enjoys this,” said Leigh Blankenship.  Leigh and Carl, husband and wife owners of the Big Rock Tavern, are hosting their second annual Back-to-School supply give-a-way.

The Blankenships welcome everyone to the Big Rock Sunday morning at 9 am to pick-up school supplies.   “Parents must bring their children with them (no exceptions), and we’ll be handing out school supplies until 2 pm or as long as the supplies last,” Blakenship said.

The line formed quickly at last year’s school supply give-a-way at the Big Rock Tavern.

In addition to the contributions from the Big Rock Tavern and the Blankenships,  the Blankenships want to pass along a great big thank you to Bert Hatmaker with Hatmaker Trucking, Sue and Tony at Sugar Hollow Marina and Phil Puccia from Southeast Tomato Distributors for their generous donations.

Last August, nearly 200 students stopped by for school supplies.  “We had 177 youngsters last year, and this year’s goal is to support 300 students,” Blakenship said.

The Big Rock Tavern is on the north edge of La Follette where North Indiana Avenue meets Jellico Highway.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/29/2020-6AM)

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  1. Within one week there have been a couple of photo’s posted of people not following State Covid Health guidelines and Campbell County Covid Numbers are climbing supposedly. Here no mask or Social Distancing. Dr Manny Shacking hand and no mask or social distancing in Katie’s Restaurant. Just seems why we don’t set great examples. Appears to be common practice around Lafollette to go around as if everything is okay.

    1. Considering that the above photo was from last year when social distancing wasn’t a thing don’t be the Covid Police. Sheesh.

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