KNOXVILLE, TN (WLAF)- The state court of criminal appeals has ruled Shannon Daniels will be serving her 10 year sentence in jail, not on probation.

The 43-year old Daniels, of Campbell County,  had filed the appeal claiming that when her probation was revoked in 2019 that her right to due process was disregarded. The Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals (TCCA) disagreed.

In 2011, Daniels pleaded guilty to multiple crimes including two counts of aggravated assault and aggravated assault against a public employee. Her sentence for these and other crimes was 10 years. She was ordered to serve six months in jail and for the balance of her time Daniels was to spend it on probation, according to court records.

However, Daniels was unable to follow the rules of her probation, because it was violated four times with numerous reasons listed in each violation, the TCCA opinion said. From failing to show up for meetings with her probation officer, not taking her anger management classes to attempting to falsify the results of a drug screen, Daniels continued to operate outside the law.

In August 2019, Daniels appeared before Eighth Judicial District Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton for a probation revocation hearing. During the hearing, Daniels admitted to the majority of violations she had been charged with, the court record said. The only thing she took exception with was if she had completed an alcohol and drug assessment. Daniels contended she had taken one; there was not a record of one in her file.

As Daniels spoke up on her own behalf, her plea was simple, “I am begging you, please, have mercy on me,” she said.

Daniels, a repeat offender, was told by Sexton she had been given mercy twice and mercy was not the subject at hand.

Reminding her she had violated her probation multiple times, Sexton said probation was a serious endeavor and Daniels had failed to treat it as such.

The TCCA ruled Daniels’ claim of not receiving due process wasn’t valid because she had in fact been allowed to speak at her revocation hearing. In fact, when she spoke, Daniels admitted to the bulk of the violations she had been charged, the court record said. Along with this, Sexton allowed time for further argument in the matter but no one stepped forward.

In its opinion the TCCA ruled Daniels due process wasn’t violated and noted that the court had “been more than patient” with Daniels.

Daniels is currently housed at the Campbell County Jail. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED- 07/27/2020- 6AM)