TOP PHOTO:  A medical helicopter landed next to the Fazoli’s stop light to care for an accident victim.

First responders with the La Follette Fire Department cut the roof off this car to free its driver.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – One person was flown from the wreck scene and others were transported by ground after being injured in a four-vehicle pile-up late Thursday afternoon.

Police say the red pick-up hit the KIA station wagon and sent it over the embankment and onto  its side.

Just before 5 pm on the four lane, across from Taco Bell,  a red Chevrolet pick-up truck in the right lane struck a  KIA station wagon sending it over an embankment and on its side, officials said. Police said the Chevy then hit the back of another pick-up truck, a Nissan, that was stopped at the Fazoli’s traffic light.  That momentum from the second collision crashed the Nissan into the back of another stopped pick-up truck, a charcoal Chevy.

The driver of the Nissan told WLAF News that she was stopped when the red pick-up hit her truck from behind knocking her Nissan into the truck in front of it.

The female driver of the KIA had to be cut out of a car that was carrying small children.  A medical helicopter landed on the highway near the traffic light and flew the injured woman to a Knoxville hospital.  One elderly man with a heart condition was tended to on the scene.  He was a passenger in the Nissan.  The driver of the charcoal Chevy hit her head and went to the Emergency Room at the La Follette Medical Center to be evaluated.  The drivers of the Nissan and the red Chevy appeared to be uninjured as each was walking around the accident scene on the La Follette-bound side of the highway.

One investigator said  there were some long skid marks where the red Chevrolet attempted to stop.  Traffic was routed over to one of the westbound lanes via the cut across at Doyle’s Tire Shop, and there was two-way traffic up to the traffic light intersection.

Gary Cordell, orange shirt, snaps a photo of the wreck scene as he stands beside the LFD Crash Truck.

First responders with the La Follette Fire Department were on the scene in less than a minute.  One LFD unit had answered the call of a pick-up truck over heating in the cut across at the bread store just west of the multi-vehicle crash scene.  The unit was forced to travel down a west bound lane to make it around the already very backed up lanes of eastbound traffic.

La Follette Fire, Police, Public Works along with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office and Ambulance Service responded.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/16/2020-7PM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF GARY CORDELL & JIM FREEMAN)