The east side entrance (La Follette side) of the courthouse has been designated as the single point entry. 
By Charlotte Underwood
JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Due to the rise in Coronavirus cases and the governor’s extension of the emergency order, the Campbell County Courthouse switched back to a single point entry system last week.
 The court house was very briefly opened up with multiple entrances and full services on Friday, June 26, but was back down to the single entrance by the following Monday.  “We tried to get it all opened back up, but circumstances dictated we go back to the single entrance system,” Deputy Mayor John Vanover said.
The east side entrance, the La Follette side of the courthouse,  has been designated as the single point entry.  Once visitors go through the single point entry, they will be met by a county official manning the checkpoint and a nurse checking temperatures.   The document drop boxes for county officials are also back in place at the front lobby.  Documents can be dropped off in the various drop boxes provided for each county official. If the public needs to speak to a county official, phone numbers are provided and if face-to-face services are needed, the deputy manning the checkpoint will radio the official and see if they are available to come to the front. It is limited to nine or less individuals in the lobby at a time. Everyone is asked to maintain social distance for safety. Wearing a mask is suggested by officials as well.
Entry to the courthouse is on the La Follette side only.
“The courthouse is still open for business and seeing to the needs of the public. We are doing all we can to protect the citizens and still provide services,” Vanover said.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/06/2020-6AM)