TOP PHOTO:  Social distancing lines, six-feet apart, have been marked outside the county clerk’s office.
JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – The Campbell County Court House will reopen on Friday with full operations after several months of restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most entrances, exits and hours of operation will be back to normal with a few exceptions and CDC guidelines.

 Masks are required to enter the county clerk’s office. They are being provided by the county and can be picked up at the annex building entrance.  
Most of the courthouse’s original doors will be open for public use, according to Campbell County Facilities/Construction Maintenance Supervisor Tony Hill.  The exception to this will be the side door on the old courthouse next to Clerk & Master Dennis Potter’s office. That door will remain closed. The stairway door in front of the register of deeds office will remain closed as an entrance and will function as an exit only. The stairway in the courthouse annex building will also remain closed. The elevator will be the access to go up or down stairs depending upon where you park. Court rooms and the court house will receive extra cleaning. In some areas, social distancing lines of six feet have been marked on the floor.
All front entrances will be open, and there will no longer be a nurse on staff checking temperatures at the front entrance. All public bathrooms will be open.
The Campbell County Clerk’s office will be open, but anyone entering the office will be required to wear a mask, according to Hill. The county will provide masks to those who do not have one. Masks can be picked up at the entrance to the annex building. Only seven people will be allowed in the clerk’s office at one time and social distancing lines have been marked outside the clerk’s office for those waiting in line. Those entering the clerk’s office will exit through the side door.
According to Hill, these various guidelines have been put into place for the safety of the public and the court house employees.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/24/2020-6AM)