It was a long day for Representative Dennis Powers and fellow lawmakers on Wednesday as a critical bill was passed.

NASHVILLE, TN (WLAF) – State Representative Dennis Powers shares news this morning that HB 2075 passed Wednesday night and will be sent to the Governor’s desk for his signature.  He exclaimed, “It passed on the House floor 88-0!”Powers said, “It will update the Community Rehabilitation Agency and bring it into compliance with ADA standards, set up an advisory committee and set up a mechanism for local contracts with government entities. It will also enhance and expand competitive employment opportunities for Tennesseans with intellectual and development disabilities.  It will ensure that people are paid at least minimum wage and receive the same benefits as other employees.”

Powers was elated that HB 2075 passed Wednesday night on the House floor 88-0.

“The people at Rainbow Acres Home (at Jacksboro) will benefit and I can’t wait to see them at church and at their workplace.  I always love the smiles and hugs I get from them.  They take such pride in their work and I’m honored to get to pass this legislation,” said Powers.   (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/18/2020-6AM)