LAFOLLETTE, TN. (WLAF)- John Muse, Jr., has added to his growing list of legal problems.

Already facing numerous felony theft charges, Muse was again arrested on Monday. This time he is facing a public intoxication charge.

The LaFollette Police were alerted to his alleged rowdy behavior at the family’s East Woodland Court home. When they arrived, officers found Muse, 26, attempting to fix a lawnmower, the report said. They noticed he was “unable to stand still” and presented with classic signs of intoxication such as glassy eyes and “not being able to follow commands,” the report said. Police further noted that Muse was so loud neighbors had begun to take notice. He was also attempting to argue with his mother, Monica Muse, about why the police were there, the report said.

Muse was arrested and charged with public intoxication.

Muse, his mother and father, John Muse, Sr., are facing a multitude of theft charges including six counts of theft over $2,500, three counts of theft over $10,000, two counts theft over $10,000, four counts of theft under $1,000, three counts unlawful possession of a weapon, theft over $60,000.

Late last year, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office found a cache of stolen goods at the family home.  For more on the theft story read here.

(WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED- 06/11/2020- 6AM)