TOP PHOTO:  One year ago today, on the morning of June 8, 2019, the sun was not shining on Faithway Assembly of God as the day opened.  Much of the church was still under water after the  historic flood.  However, the sun is shining on the refurbished church this morning.

Pastor Steve Bruce and wife Rhonda welcomed church members back for the first service since last year’s flood at Faithway Assembly of God.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – “Welcome home” was the message at Faithway Assembly of God on Sunday as members attended the first church service since the church was damaged by the historic  flood of 2019June 7 marked the one year anniversary. Though the church is not completely done with repairs, members worked hard to get the church ready enough to hold a service by the one year anniversary date. Church members were all smiles as they stepped back into the building.

Church members of Faithway Assembly were all smiles for the first service back since the June 7, 2019  flood.

According to pastor Steve Bruce, it’s been quite the year for parishioners as they have been rebuilding the church and are now getting close to an official reopening. The church is about “three fourths of the way done,”  said Bruce. The church is at the “finish and furnish part of the rebuild.”

The church is still in the process of rebuilding and is need of furnishings for its fellowship hall.

When last year’s flood hit, it destroyed most everything in the church. Only the studs, plumbing fixtures and the external part of the building could be saved.  The cleanup process took around six months and the rebuild has been going on about that long as well. According to Bruce, donations came in from not only across the county but from around the world as well.  “We’ve been very blessed and fortunate and it’s taken a lot of hard work,” Bruce said.

The kitchen at Faithway Assembly of God is in need of appliances and furnishings to help complete the rebuild.

“This has been a year in the making, but God had a plan and God made a way. Welcome home,” pastor Steve Bruce said emotionally as members of the congregation stood.

Much of the church has been rebuilt, but furnishings and a few other things are still left to do.

The praise band at Faithway Assembly of God celebrating the first service back since the flood.

Currently the church is still in need of donations to furnish and finish it. The fellowship hall and kitchen fixtures were completely destroyed and those still need to be replaced, along with multiple finishing touches needed for the building as a whole, such as stalls for the bathrooms.  “We would appreciate any monetary donations as well as anyone who wants to donate appliances to help with the fellowship hall,” Bruce said. “We are just so thankful and so blessed.”

Donations can be sent to P.O. Box 1602, LaFollette, TN, 37766.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/08/2020-6AM)

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