LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Bruce D. Harmon told police ne smokes marijuana because he can’t afford his medication; he ended up in jail.

Campbell County Deputy Justin Phillips answered a call on May 29 on Davis Chapel Road, LaFollette, where it was alleged a residence had been vandalized. When Phillips arrived, he spoke with a female who said her boyfriend, Harmon, had poured wax that contained marijuana on and inside of her car. Phillips did not see any wax or marijuana on or inside the vehicle. The female then said Harmon had also poured wax with marijuana in the carpet and on other objects inside the home. She continued that he had a jar of marijuana in the bedroom underneath the dresser. According to a report from the sheriff’s department Phillips removed a clear jar from underneath the dresser that contained a clear bag with a green leafy substance said to be marijuana.

A short time later, Harmon came back to the residence. Phillips told him he was responding to a call about a possible vandalism at the residence, and he allegedly told him that there had not been any vandalism at the residence. Harmon said the jar that contained the green leafy substance said to be marijuana was his and he smoked marijuana because he has seizures, a brain injury and could not afford his medication.

Harmon, 57, 1170 Davis Chapel, LaFollette is charged with possession of VI controlled substance. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/04/2020-6AM)