UPDATE:  At the request of Mayor E.L. Morton, Tuesday night’s Budget and Finance committee has been cancelled and the business will be picked up at Thursday night’s meeting.
JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Here is an update to the information released from Mayor E.L. Morton’s office Friday afternoon concerning upcoming meetings.  A typo on the Agenda section for the Buildings and Grounds Committee is corrected on the calendar below.  The original  meeting has the correct date attached but the wrong day.  The correct day is this THURSDAY June 4, at 5 pm.

Please note that a decision on how the Commission Workshop and Meeting will be held as we are awaiting on guidance received through the county mayor’s office.
Budget and finance meetings will be held via zoom in the week of June 1-5.  Login info can be found on page 2 of the calendar. Additional emails will be sent out on Monday to move the info more current in your inbox.
Buildings and Grounds Committee has decided to meet in person with a limited capacity and continued distancing.
Board of Education plans to hold their meeting in regular session.
UPDATE: All meetings of the County Commission will be held via Zoom for the month of June. Currently, these include;
Thu, Jun 4
05 pm
Meeting ID: 896 7394 9094
 Password: 361552
Thu, Jun 4
06:00 PM
Meeting ID: 832 2668 7947
 Password: 785198
Mon, Jun 8
05:30 PM
Meeting ID: 897 7220 4816
Password: 922089
Mon, Jun 8
06:00 PM
Meeting ID: 856 1797 6691
Mon, Jun 15
06:00 PM
June Commission Meeting<https://zoom.us/meeting/89336008675>
Meeting ID: 893 3600 8675
(WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/29/2020-3PM-UPDATED – 06/01/2020-10AM))