LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – In a release from Librairan Nancy Green with the La Follette Public Library: This infectious disease/pandemic plan was created in response to COVID-19.  This policy can be altered as needed in the future.  This reopening plan is phased to allow time to be sure that the pandemic is not going to have a second wave and to prevent the library from becoming a hot spot for the pandemic.

Limited Operation hours to the public will be Mon.-Fri. 9 am to 4 pm .  The library will be closed on Saturdays.  Staff will work regular hours and will use the time to clean and sanitize.

Restrict library occupancy to 10 individuals, including staff.

No more than four people can be in the children’s area or in the DVD area at one time.

No more than five people can be in the computer lab at one time.

Restrict visit time inside the library to 30 minutes per person.  Exceptions to this are computer users, who will be allowed one 60 minute session per day.

Every other computer will be available for patron use.  Patrons will be required to wear gloves when using the computers.  Ear phones will be provided for those who need them for their computer use.  Patrons will be given only one set of earphones to use and it is their responsibility to bring them back if they will be needed on their next session on another day. Computers will be sanitized after each use.

All programming is cancelled, including Summer Reading, Book Club, and Lego Club.

An indoor drop box (plastic tub) will be available in the foyer for patrons to drop returned items in before entering the library.  These items will be sanitized and remain in quarantine for 72 hours before being shelved.  Items may also be returned in the curbside book drop.

Floor minders will be placed throughout the library reminding patrons of the 6 feet social distancing ruling.

Staff members will wear gloves and masks when interacting with patrons.

Library functions will be announced on WLAF and in the newspaper.

This policy will be reviewed periodically and changes made as needed and as circumstances change.

Nancy Green  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/29/2020-6AM)