JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – The Price brothers are all home, Reese, Luke and Jack.  Yes, Jack Price, who has spent almost everyday since August at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital is back home home with his brothers and mom and dad, Traci and Justin.

Jack has been home since last Wednesday, and his numbers and nutrition are looking great after yesterday’s check up.  “The fact that he came home yesterday is a great sign.  Monitoring his nutrition is a big key, and he’s eating much better now,” said Jack’s daddy.  Additionally, he continues on a maintenance plan with his chemo for the leukemia he was diagnosed with in mid-August.

The coach said, “We didn’t anticipate Jack having to be readmitted after his inpatient treatment was completed.  After nearly an extra month at the hospital for nutritional reasons, we are grateful to have him home.  We have seen Jack make great gains over the last two weeks.”  He added, “Although, if there is any other place besides home we would want to be, it’s Children’s. They have been great to us.”

Justin looks forward to seeing him progress even more describing it as exciting to watch Reese, Luke and Jack at home together.  Like the print reads on Baby Jack’s orange T-shirts almost everyone in Campbell County has, Baby Jack’s daddy said, “To God Be the Glory.”

When asked if he thought Jack was home for good, his father, Campbell High Head Football Coach Justin Price, said, “We are believing that!!!” (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/21/2020-6AM)




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