TOP PHOTO:  Left to right Chief Deputy Matt Wasson, Patrol Sergeant Tosha Tackett, Sheriff Robbie K. Goins and Patrol Captain J.J. Hatmaker

It’s official Tosha Tackett is pinned as Patrol Sergeant Tosha Tackett by Sheriff Robbie K.. Goins

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Sheriff Robbie Goins is proud to announce the promotion of Tosha Tackett, the first female patrol Sergeant for the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office. Sergeant Tosha Tackett attended and graduated the Walter State Law Enforcement Training Academy in 2015 and began her career in 2015 with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, serving as a Corrections Officer.

Sergeant Tackett began her service with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office in 2017 as a school resource officer before quickly earning the respect of her fellow deputies and transferring to the patrol division. While serving on patrol, Sergeant Tackett’s dedication to D.U.I. enforcement earned her a position with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office D.U.I. Task Force. She has received extensive training in the detection and prosecution of impaired drivers.

Sergeant Tackett’s work ethic and dedication paid off in 2019, when she was promoted to Corporal of third shift patrol. Sergeant Tackett furthered her career achievements by becoming the first female to ever try-out and be selected to the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons And Tactics Team.

Badge 701 is now worn by Patrol Sergeant Tosha Tackett

Sheriff Robbie Goins- states, “Tosha continues to break gender stereotypes in the law enforcement community and blaze trails for future female law enforcement officers. Tosha has taken to her new leadership role and shown a natural ability to lead by setting a good example and providing structure for those under her command. We are proud of Tosha and will continue to be here to support her as she transitions into her new role.”

Patrol Sergeant Tosha Tackett with her finance’ Caryville Assistant Chief of Police Mike Owens.

Chief Deputy Matt Wasson saw first hand the progression of Sergeant Tackett’s career on patrol. Chief Wasson states, “As a patrol Sergeant, I initially completed a portion of Tosha’s patrol training. It was apparent early on that Tosha was going to be an intelligent and dedicated employee. She showed signs of promising leadership and quickly rose in the ranks by being fearless and persistent. It’s good to see hard work pay off and I couldn’t be more proud of not only Tosha, but other deputies who have been recently promoted either in rank or by receiving training that will enable our deputies to further their careers.”

Patrol Captain JJ Hatmaker further echoes Sheriff Goins sentiments stating, “It’s a good day when officers under your command brag on you and that’s what has happened here. Over the last several weeks, I have had numerous deputies say that they think highly of her and that she has been doing a great job. Recently the Sheriff’s Office transitioned to the twelve hour shift schedule. Tosha really stepped up and took control of the shift she was placed in charge of. After talking with deputies that work with her on a daily basis, I found that she really cares about her position and goes out of her way to help them with whatever is going on. She is caring and compassionate while providing the structure needed to command respect when appropriate.” (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/19/2020-7:30PM)