TOP PHOTO:  “Old” Mike delivers a “new” bike.  What a difference a week makes as on Monday La Follette Mayor Mike Stanfield delivered a new bicycle to Owen Blankenblicker who was injured and lost his bike in a collision with a pick up truck last Monday.

A very surprised Owen Blankenblicker said  he really likes the new bicycle.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – The good news is Owen Blankenblicker is recovering.  The bad news is there’s no hope for his bicycle.  Last Monday afternoon, he was involved in a bike accident when he collided with a pick up truck while riding on East Kentucky Avenue.  However, on this Monday afternoon at La Follette City Hall, the pains from his skinned up legs, pump knot on his forehead and concussion were put on hold for the surprise of a little boy’s lifetime; a brand new bicycle and a bike helmet.

Owen went from this bike (above) to this bike (below) in the course of a week.  He had a chance to test ride it in the City Hall auditorium yesterday afternoon.

La Follette Mayor Mike Stanfield said late last week that he wanted to take up donations to replace Owen’s bicycle.  The first business I called said “Don’t go anywhere else for a donation.  We want to pay for it all,” Stanfield exclaimed.

La Follette Chief of Police Bill Roehl told Owen that it was good to see him up and around after last week’s wreck.  Owen slipped on his new helmet something he wasn’t wearing in last week’s wreck.  His aunt Michelle Evans (left) and grandmother Linda Evans look on.

Owen lives in Jacksboro and was spending some time at his aunt’s home in La Follette when the mishap occurred last week.  “I wasn’t sure if I should hug him or smack him when I made it to him last Monday,” said Owen’s aunt Michelle Evans.

Owen’s leg is healing, his pump knot is about gone and the recovery from the concussion is coming along.

He was at a doctor’s appointment just before arriving at city hall yesterday.  Aunt Michelle said the doctor is letting him slowly return to the routine of an active 11-year old following last week’s concussion.

It was hard to say who walked away happier, Mike or Owen.

“I wasn’t sure if I was in trouble or what when I saw a note from the mayor on my front door,” said aunt Michelle.  Stanfield left the note asking for her to give him a call to set up the surprise for Owen.

When Stanfield handed over the bicycle to Owen, almost in unison, all in attendance said, “And don’t ride in the street!”  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/19/2020-6AM)