John Ballard, the Produce Manager of the Year in 2012, invites you to Food City’s big corn sale starting on Friday.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – “It’s the first time we’ve had our big corn sale for more than a day,” said John Ballard, Food City Produce Manager.  This is generally only on a Friday in May, and this May, the sale runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting Friday morning at 7am. Ballard, the Produce Manager of the Year in 2012, ordered more than 11,000 ears of corn just for this weekend’s big event.  More than 225 cases of fresh corn, with 48 ears a case, will be on display and ready for you to take home.  There’ll be peaches and cream along with white corn and yellow corn coming straight from Florida to La Follette.  Ballard adds, “Most of it is the peaches and cream variety, and we can get more if we need it.”

Seedless grapes are also on sale at $1.29 a pound.

The price of corn is $4 a dozen or you can get a case with four dozen in it for $16.  Ballard emphasized that the corn goes fast.  Real fast.  He’s been known to sell 22,000 ears of corn at this event in a single day, and he expects to sell a lot of ears over the three day stretch.

Ballard has marked down the price on grapes.  He said, “Seedless grapes are just $1.29 a pound.”  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/14/2020-6AM)