CARYVILLE, TN (WLAF) – On May 10, Caryville Police stopped Ashton Jacobs for speeding 68 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone.
 During the traffic stop, Caryville Sgt. Aaron Johnson reported he could smell a “strong odor of Marijuana” coming from inside the vehicle. According to the report Jacobs told officers she had “a bag of weed in her suitcase.”  After gaining consent to search the vehicle, officers found acid, powdered Molly, 12 grams of Marijuana and a grinder in her suitcase.  The 25-year old Jacobs of Centerville, Ohio, told officers she had “purchased the narcotics in Ohio and had come to Tennessee to celebrate her fiance’s birthday.”  She was arrested and transported to jail.
An accident on the interstate led to a drug related arrest for 29-year old Natasha Jaeger on May 12.  Caryville Sgt. Aaron Johnson responded to the accident on I-75 Northbound.  Jaeger, who was the driver of the vehicle, told Johnson that her brakes had stopped working and she could not stop. According to the police report, Johnson could smell Marijuana coming from the inside of the vehicle and asked Jaeger if there was anything illegal inside the vehicle. Jaeger, of Shady Cove Road in Caryville, told the officer she had “smoked a joint in the car a few hours before the accident.” After receiving consent to search the vehicle, police found a blue backpack in the rear floor board of the car. Inside the backpack was a pink case that contained six and a half Xanax bars, 12 Roxycodone, three hydrocodone, and a cellophane pack containing six grams of Marijuana. According to the arrest report, Jaeger told police she had purchased the narcotics with the “intent to take them to a family gathering later that evening.”  She was arrested and transported to jail.
Tammy Yvonne Brandenburg, age 54 of South Tennessee Avenue in La Follette, was arrested by Caryville Police on May 13 on a violation of probation warrant and drug charges. According to the police report, the officer “made consensual contact with the defendant at the Super 8 Motel in Caryville” and checked her for active warrants. After finding she had an active violation of probation charge, the officer asked Brandenburg if she had anything illegal on her person or in her hotel room. According to the report, Brandenburg told officers she had methamphetamine and several needles in her handbag. After gaining consent to search the hotel room, officers found what appeared to be 4 grams of methamphetamine, several drinking straws that had been cut in half, several needles and $211 located in Brandenburg’s bag. The items were checked in for evidence and Brandenburg was arrested and taken to the Campbell County Jail.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/14/2020-11:45AM)