Heather Good (left) and Ray Brassfield (right) were among the La Follette Medical Center healthcare team members who were honored Thursday evening.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – “The La Follette Medical Center healthcare team is used to responding in difficult times,” said Mark Cain, Tennova La Follette Medical Center CEO.  However, Thursday evening, the team responded to a most unique event; a giant show of support from the City of La Follette, Campbell County and the State of Tennessee.

The tribute honoring La Follette Medical Center’s healthcare team was the brainchild of Kathy Myers, LMC’s Chief Nursing Officer, and La Follette Mayor Mike Stanfield.  Myers said the ceremony had been in the works for about three weeks.  See more Charlie Hutson photos HERE.

The display of support came from the La Follette Fire and Police Departments, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office and the Tennessee Highway Patrol.  Members of each entity represented were on hand in the expression of appreciation.

Left to right members of the La Follette Police Department: Mike Satkoski, Bill Roehl, Jason Shears, Darryl Chapman, Homer Herrell, and Tim Collingsworth.

“There’s been an overwhelming outpouring of support from the community, and tonight, the City is showing its support of the hospital and staff,” said Myers.  She adds, “We’re in a partnership with the city.  They’re always here for us.”

Amanda Rogers (left) and Teska Bolton (right) are members of the LMC screening team that greets those entering the hospital. 

The mayor recalled having his tonsils removed as a child in the 1950s at the then La Follette Community Hospital.  “Dr. Lee Seargeant removed them and even gave them to me in a jar of Formaldehyde.  I love this hospital,” said Stanfield.  He went on to say that he was even the paperboy for several of the hospital’s doctors in the 1960s.

Left to right La Follette Firefighters Gilbert, Nelson, Carroll, Breuer, Fraley, Pack and Capps

Cain said, “I appreciate the professionalism, teamwork and compassion each of our team members have demonstrated during this extremely difficult time. Safety will remain our highest priority as we go through this event.  I am extremely proud of the care that has been provided to our community.”

Sandy Day at Sandy’s Custom Auto said in this sign that is the sentiment many of  us  are thinking, “Thank You to our health care providers, our Tennova Heroes.”  Day, who was on hand Thursday evening, donated and erected this sign in April at the West Station area.

During the few minutes long outdoor ceremony, the LMC managerial staff was inside overseeing patients making sure they were safe and cared for so the healthcare team could be honored.  Before the staff came out, Stanfield took to the hospital’s public address microphone sending a thank you over the speakers throughout the entire hospital.

Cain said, “Tonight’s event is simply a way to show deeply we appreciate what our friends here have done.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/08/2020-6AM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF WLAF’S CHARLIE HUTSON)

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  1. That was a great out pouring of support for the staff at the hospital. What about the staff at the nursing home caring for our elderly parents? Do they get supported also? I am thankful for our hospital. I also want to thank the staff at the nursing home (everyone for all you do) they carry a big load. Thanks and may God Bless each and everyone in this sad days.

    1. Thank you for your email, Della.

      This event celebrated everyone at La Follette Medical Center, nursing home included.


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