Brooke Goins points to her name and Brittani Stooksbury’s name on their dressing room on the set of The Doctors TV Show.

LOS ANGELES, CA (WLAF) – Appearing on a national television show was not quite on the minds of Jacksboro Elementary School teachers Brooke Goins (right) and Brittani Stooksbury (above left) when they took time to make sure a student didn’t go home hungry for the weekend.     But it’s been on their minds this week, because the pair was in Hollywood to be on a national television show- The Doctors.  The date the show featuring Goins and Stooksbury has not been announced.

Click HERE to read the story that vaulted the first grade teachers into the national spotlight.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/11/2019-6AM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF EDDIE HATMAKER)

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    Way to go Ladies! I don’t know either one of you however.
    I’m Sure PROUD of both you.

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