By  Renee Carrier 

CARYVILLE, TN (WLAF) – It started with a book and quickly moved into a desire for hope, love and change for our community. Zebulun Proctor a former Marine, John Foust with Foust Fights of Campbell County and Derick Pendleton also a former Marine all united in the idea of taking on a challenge to bring the hope of encouragement and mentor ship for those that struggle with what plagues many within the community; depression, despair, anxiety and thoughts of suicide.    It is said that every 12 minutes someone commits suicide in this country and while there are programs that help such as counseling and suicide hotlines, this group has decided to take an extra step and offer their time and mentor ship through their group called #Beatdownsuicide

In the book called “Tribe” by Sebastian Junger, he states there are three things humanity needs:

  • The need to feel competent at what they do
  • The need to feel authentic in their lives
  • The need to feel connected

This group wants to fill gaps the people in this community may be missing. They to want bring them on board with #Beatdownsuicide and get them engaged. Proctor said “It’s about bringing them in and giving them hope. Here at Foust Fights we see progress with the youth and the adults that have come to the boxing gym to grow and what they have also discovered is the family in which this gym brings. “We consider everyone here family and we talk about things and get it out in the open and deal with it together and we need to spread this to the community,” according to Proctor.

As #Beatdownsuicide grows, the group is bringing more and more volunteers on board that have a committed desire to help. Tim Zupancic with Absolute Fitness located off of Jacksboro Pike is the newest supporter of #Beatdownsuicide and the group is excited to have him on board. “We have teachers and nurses and a variety of others that are a part of this mission. We look forward to seeing lives change,” said Proctor.

#Beatdownsuicide is holding its first event on Sat., Nov. 9 at noon. They will be taking a hike up to the Devils Race Track located in Caryville. Parking and registration is located at 524 Park Rd. From there they will be shuttling people to the starting point of the hike. Food and water will be provided. In addition there will be four nurses on staff to assist with any issues that may arise. The group will also be handing out trash bags, as they believe this is a great opportunity to also offer community service.

The group has a  Facebook Book page at “Beat down Suicide” or visit the website.  The event is free and open to anyone. Come and join the team to help support this cause and if you need a friend they are ready and willing to be there.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/08/2019-6AM)