CARYVILLE, TN (WLAF) – Reports coming in to WLAF are that two 18-wheelers and one car were involved in a wreck on I-75 just south of the Caryville Exit 134 on ramp at around 8 pm Tuesday night.

Three med choppers are landing on the southbound side lanes.  It’s believed that four patients are being treated. The driver of one of the big rigs was initially pinned on top of the truck’s engine. 






6 Replies to “Three med choppers respond to I-75 wreck”

  1. The big rigs need to slow down. They drive way too fast and too close to other cars. Lower the speed thru these mile markers and you’ll see a reduction in wrecks and death.

    1. Lowering the speed limit without police presence will result in nothing changing. I’m a Canadian truck driver, I drive this route every week. it amazes me the number of truck drivers, mostly local, who ignore the signs directing trucks to use the left lane in the construction zone here.

    2. I drive a truck for a living and lowering the speed limit won’t help. It’s the truck drivers that ignore the signs telling them to run in the left lane through the construction zone. The right lane is so uneven it throughs the trucks around and causes them to cross into the other lane. They need to start enforcing the lane restriction.

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